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Pushing the limits of sustainability together.

Today, more than ever, we need to protect our planet and the people living on it. Every choice we make has an impact. That’s why Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation is committed to developing solutions that are good for our customers' business but also good for the environment and the health and safety of all.

Empowered by this conviction, Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation has been delivering sustainable insulation solutions to customers since 1937. Across all technical markets - from Marine to Industry, HVAC, automotive and household appliances - and with a worldwide presence deployed locally, we support our customers at every step of the project, from design to installation. This means customizing our approach based on specific needs. This means adding value through high levels of comfort, health, safety and performance. This also means helping limit environmental impact of each project, while managing costs.

With expertise in an array of insulation materials, we are constantly pushing the limits of our solutions. These unwavering R&D efforts also enable us to reduce the carbon footprint of each product, whether through high levels of
recycled content, full recyclability or lower energy consumption. Drawing on this unique combination of global resources, local deployment and multimaterial expertise, Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation strives to always be more efficient and responsible. Together with our customers, we are making this an everyday reality.

Beyond technical insulation expertise

The technical excellence and global leadership we have developed in mineral wool insulation over the years is only part of the story. This success is also the result of the visionvalues and culture built and embodied by ISOVER teams across the globe. And, above all the conviction that we need to develop products that create a better, more comfortable world.
The ongoing rise in energy prices and growing environmental threats highlight the urgent need to reduce energy loss and CO² emissions. Energy-efficiency solutions are therefore at the heart of our strategy, and that of the Saint-Gobain Group. This global strategy is implemented locally with a strong presence across the world.

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Driven by a clear long-term vision

Effective insulation is essential for saving energy, but also for maximising fire safety, acoustic and thermal comfort. To be recognised as the leading sustainable technical insulation supplier, we focus on excellence in 3 key areas :


  • Solutions for every problem: By constantly updating and improving our catalogue to offer a comprehensive range of insulating materials, systems, accessories and services.
  • Energy-efficiency: By advocating stricter requirements in building regulations as part of an effective and economical approach that helps customers reduce their environmental impact.
  • Sustainable construction: By actively contributing to raise understanding and awareness within the market and sharing best practices to ensure that all solutions are safe and sustainable.



United by one culture

To achieve this, all our actions and interactions are shaped by 4 core values that define who we are.

  • Leadership
    • Strive to always do better
    • Offer choice and innovation
  • Reliability
    • Deliver high performance and long-lasting solutions
    • Ensure consistent quality over time
  • Sustainability
    • Care for the planet and people
    • Act with social responsibility
  • Customer focus
    • Facilitate and accompany customer growth
    • Collaborate based on mutual trust, loyalty and respect

At the heart of the Saint-Gobain Group

This approach is strengthened and complemented as part of the Saint-Gobain Group, which designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions that improve the comfort and future of all. These products can be found everywhere in our daily lives, from the home to the office, in cars and infrastructure, hi-tech health devices and many industrial applications.

On the one hand, Saint-Gobain aims to meet individual requirements for comfort, performance, safety and aesthetics today. On the other, the group is committed to taking up the collective challenges of the future, from construction to sustainable mobility, population growth and climate change.

More than 350 years of innovation

In this way, Saint-Gobain continues to write the history of a company dating back more than 350 years, continuously improving its products, processes and services. As one of the top 100 industrial groups in the world and one of the 100 most innovative companies, Saint-Gobain continues to deploy its technological know-how, often in partnership with prestigious universities and laboratories.
With 2018 sales of €41.8 billion, Saint-Gobain operates in 67 countries and has more than 180,000 employees.

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